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Vain, brutal, ambitious, loyal, practical, unemotional, single-minded, boastful, frustrated, he’s a selfish bully. Gisborne is capable of tremendous cruelty in his overwhelming pursuit of heritage and position, yet beyond this drive for recognition is his one hope for redemption: Marian. - from here.

  1. Vain - Guy knows that he's not exactly unattractive and takes pride in his appearance as well as his abilities. He feels security in his leather armour and the ritual of dressing every morning prepares him for the Sheriff's trials in the day ahead.

  2. Brutal - And yes, he is brutal. He feels there is a certain honesty in pain. A searing truth that he has felt himself cling to in the past. Brutality is more honest than the subtle trickery and manipulation that the Sheriff delights in.

  3. Ambitious - Guy is ambitious because it is all he has left. When everything else has been taken from you, you have only the hope of regaining what was lost to cling to.

  4. Loyal - His loyalty is unwavering to those he trusts. Betray him and all ties are cut.

  5. Practical - He wears leather because it is hard-wearing and warm in winter. He wears black to go unnoticed in the dark. He is a man of action, rather than words.

  6. Unemotional - It is a lie to call him unemotional. He feels like any other man. The thing is that Guy has learnt from his father, from his brother, from King Richard and from the Sheriff that every emotion must be held tightly in check, lest he give too much away of himself. Pushing down his feelings makes it easier to do what he has to.

  7. Single-minded - His single-mindedness is what keeps him alive. The driving focus on his ambitions and goals allow him to do what he does and act with brutality as necessary. He can't afford to be distracted by other things.

  8. Boastful - Guy's boasts of many things. The wealth and position he will have. The loftiness of his ambitions. His power. It is all to distract him from his fear of never achieving these things and failing to regain his family's lands. If says these things enough times, maybe they will come true.

  9. Frustrated - It is own failure and weakness that frustrate Guy. Most of all every new chink in his armour that he discovers and can do nothing to repair.

  10. Selfish Bully - He had never intended to be this way, in the beginning. He had intended to be a man of God at one time. Now, out of necessity, this is what he has become and his reputation, for the most part, does a lot of the work for him.

Guy is tall, dark-haired and blue-eyed. He tends to favour black leather in his fashion choices, with the scowl on his face as ever-present as the sword at his side.

His driving focus is to acquire land and standing to go with the title he already has. Guy has a strict sense of right and wrong and strong moral code, albeit one that has strayed so far off the beaten track that it's lost in the woods. He's willing to resort to extreme measures to set things as he thinks they should be, even though he's aware that these measures, and the brutality they sometimes entail, often have terrible consequences for others. In a sense, he's concerned with the greater good, though a vision of the greater good that perhaps only he sees. It doesn't stop him hoping for some kind of personal redemption though.

Then there's Marian, for whom he finds he has strong feelings for, but at the same time unable to adequately express these feelings. They were engaged to be married, though only when the King returns. Guy hoped that she would be his salvation and that one day she would be as happy to be his wife as he would to be her husband. That changed somewhat when she punched him at the altar and ran out of the wedding and as expected, Guy was angry about that - though not really as angry as he seemed. The extra anger was to hide the hurt that he's denying he feels.

Eventually Guy and Marian formed an awkward friendship, which grew further after he discovered that she was the Nightwatchman and saved her from execution with Allan's help.

He took Marian's death badly, even though it was at his own hand, and spent much of the return journey from the Holy Land drunk out of his skull. Eventually, after being shipped off to Prince John, he managed to get his life somewhat back on track, only for it to all fall through when he finally turned on Prince John. Outlawed, he found himself working with Robin of Locksley to save their half-brother.

He died while trying to save the people of Nottingham from the forces of the old Sheriff and his sister Isabella.

He has an illegitimate son, Seth, by one of the kitchen-maids of Nottingham castle and had abandoned the baby to die in the forest before the child was rescued by Robin and his men and sent with its mother elsewhere. He had an older brother, Hugo, who died and two older sisters, Alys and Eleanor, who joined religious orders. He had a younger sister, Isabella, who he became responsible for when their parents died and married off to a man called Thornton. He also has a half-brother, Archer, who was the son of his mother, Ghislaine, and Malcolm of Locksley (making Archer the half-brother of Robin of Locksley too).

Sir Guy of Gisborne is from Robin Hood and is the property of the BBC and Tiger Aspect productions. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

He is currently timed in canon to after the end of Season 3 (which means, yes, he's dead).

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